Since 1894, there have been 10 Supervisors of Elections in Volusia County

  1. 1894 - 1902 (8 years) - CO Colvington
  2. 1902 - 1916 (14 years) - John R Wetherell
  3. 1916 - 1920 (4 years) - JC Hughes
  4. 1920 - 1928 (8 years) - Anna Wetherell
  5. 1928 - 1948 (20 years) - OG Sage (passed away while in office)
  6. 1948 - 1956 (8 years) - Rodney Thursby (served as Sheriff from 1956 - 1968)
  7. 1956 - 1992 (36 years) - Katherine Odham
  8. 1992 - 2004 (12 years) - Deanie Lowe
  9. 2004 - 2016 (12 years) - Ann McFall
  10. 2016 - present - Lisa Lewis

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From left to right; Deanie Lowe, Ann McFall and Lisa Lewis

Duties of the Supervisor of Elections

The Volusia County Supervisor of Elections is charged, per Florida Statutes 97-106, WITH administering all elections pertaining to federal, state, and county elections held in Volusia County. In addition, contracts are entered into with municipalities to administer municipal elections.

The Supervisor of Elections is an elected official, elected every four years in a non partisan county wide contest. Volusia County is the only county in the state that considers the Supervisor of Elections to be an elected department head, and not a full constitutional officer. 65 other counties have the Supervisor as a full constitutional officer and 1 county, Miami-Dade, has an appointed Supervisor of Elections, appointed by the County Manager.

As an elected official, the Supervisor of Elections administers all elections in Volusia County, conducts voter registration and issues voter information cards, updates voter registration lists, and provides for vote-by-mail registration and vote-by-mail voting.

The Supervisor of Elections also is responsible for qualifying candidates for county office and receiving candidate campaign finance reports and financial disclosure reports.

Other duties and responsibilities include maintaining election equipment, hiring and training poll workers, renting and equipping polling places and providing information and statistics on voter registration, voting and elections.

Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Office

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