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The Supervisor of Elections Office is eager to assist those who wish to conduct a voter registration drive by providing the knowledge necessary to have a successful event.

Upon request, The Supervisor of Elections Office will provide training and an array of materials to support your volunteer efforts.

Prior to engaging in any voter registration activity, please note the following:

  • What is a Third-Party Registration Organization?
    • A Third-Party Voter Registration Organization means any person, entity, or organization that solicts or collects any voter registration application, but does not include:
      • A person who seeks only to register to vote or collect a voter registration application from that person's spouse, child, or parent; or
      • A person engaged in registering to vote or collect voter registration applications as an employee or agrent of the Division of Elections, Supervisor of Elections, Department of Highway Saftey and Motor Vehicles, or an official voter registration agency.

For information on the rules and regulations of a third-party voter registration organization, please visit the Florida Department of State, Division of Elections website (click here).

If you would like more information, please contact our office.
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