Official Election Results

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Volusia County, FL – Today, the Canvassing Board for the 2022 General Election met the certify the election results. The official results show that over 226,000 voters voted in this election, which is a 55% turnout.

Upon certification, the Canvassing Board started the manual audit per F.S. 101.591. Each contest on the ballot was listed on individual cards, then placed in a bucket. A member of the public was invited to pull a contest from the bucket, and that person selected State Amendment Number 2.

This contest was a countywide contest, so all county precincts were listed on individual cards and placed in a bucket. A separate member of the public was then invited to randomly select two precincts, per the statute. The precincts selected were 415 and 809.

Staff members then hand counted the contest for each precinct for every voting method; Election Day, Early Voting, and Vote-by-Mail.

Supervisor Lewis remarked, "Many do not realize that we have been doing election audits in the State of Florida for years. I am happy to report that again, our audit shows a 100% accuracy of our election system in Volusia County."

The official results have been posted to Precinct level results will be available by the end of the day.

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